‘Freaks’ won the Microcosms Flash Fiction Short Story Competition 143 on 9/10/2018. Competition Judge Vicente L Ruiz said ‘In the end the decision of who won was purely personal… This is an amazing short story. I loved how, with a few clever sentences, the writer plunges us into the world and the story. Then a short conversation and a few more paragraphs build the characters. And it’s topped off with a beautiful, surprising ending that I loved. I felt myself immersed in the story – I could see and smell and touch and hear. And I could feel the hope at the end. Magnificent!’


“The competition was advertised to both new and established poets across the UK, our aim being to encourage reading and writing of poetry as well as offer poets a platform to showcase their work. I am therefore delighted to tell you that your poem, The Price of Democracy Kit, has been chosen for publication in a book called Political Fortunes” – Sarah Washer, Editor, Forward Poetry.

Forward Poetry