David Lewis Pogson was born and still lives in North Lancashire, England. For 50 years he practiced as a surveyor becoming a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. His career required him to write endlessly … reports, letters, particulars, bids … which earned him a living but gave him little creative satisfaction. He realised that he needed to scratch the ‘creative itch’ and so, around the age of 50 years, he started to write articles on surveying topics and work experiences for a professional magazine which allowed him to introduce some controversy, humour and the odd bit of fiction. He was paid a backhanded compliment by one reader who said “You have the ability to turn a totally boring subject into something half-way readable.” Buoyed by this success he branched out into short stories and poetry and has been published in a variety of media (see Curriculum Vitae above). Along the way he won: