Lancaster Fun Palace accepted my story ‘No Hard Landings’ for a 15 minute slot at this event. It was performed brilliantly on the night by Phil Chandler , Paul Sellwood and Marion Cox .  The photo below was my attempt to capture them performing live but clearly something  went wrong with my camera. However, you can see the performance on the Youtube Video link in the options below.


Phil Chandler                           Phil Chandler as the Narrator

Marion Cox           Marion Cox as the Breeder

Paul Sellwood (2)                      Paul Sellwood as the Vet.

Aliki Chapple (2)                           Produced/directed by Aliki Chapple

You can read the story in different versions depending upon your preferences.  It started out as a ‘third person’ piece about a character called John.  When I offered it to LFP  I changed some details of the story and made it a ‘first person’ piece for a single narrator doing different accents (a sort of ‘Jackanory’ style.)  When they offered me three performers for the night I changed it to a 3-hander script (like a play for radio).  So read any version you want to choose by clicking on the choices from the list below:

0r watch the live performance on:

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