The Nostalgia Industry – Liked the Nostalgia Industry short story. Another “feather” in your cap. Well done Dave, look forward to your next publication – SB of Hornby, Lancashire.

The Nostalgia Industry – Well done David –  MW of Morecambe, Lancashire.

The Nostalgia Industry – Just read it. Couldn’t put it down – BP of Lancaster, Lancashire.

Freaks –  Intriguing story David. Looking forward to the next chapter! – AS of Barnoldswick, Lancashire.

Freaks – A great gift you have – BP of Lancaster, Lancashire.

The Fee Generation Game – I enjoyed that Dave – LM of Carnforth, Lancashire


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Lost Sheep – ‘Good story’ – BA of St Edmundsbury, Suffolk

Lost Sheep ‘I enjoyed reading that’  – VT of Chorley, Lancashire

Lost Sheep ‘I enjoyed it too’ – CG of Brockton, Massachusetts, USA

Lost Sheep – ‘Really enjoyed reading it’  – JS of Darwen, Lancashire

The Final Vote – ‘Good story, it made me cry’ – SP of Caton, Lancashire.

Not Fade Away – ‘Not Fade Away brings back great memories of the 60s and being a teenager growing up in Morecambe. Dave Pogson has a great talent of bringing the past to life, again. I can sympathize with the main character! If you liked this one, try what he has written over the years. You won’t be disappointed.’ – SB of Hornby, Lancashire

Readers’ Comments 2

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