Short story to be published in ACES ‘The Terrier’ magazine in the Winter 2018 edition.

‘Faster than a man can run’ is the fifth short story in the ‘Selwyn’ series.  Please read ‘The Final Vote ‘ ,‘Lost Sheep’, ‘Weapon of Choice’ and ‘The Fee Generation Game’ the first four stories in the ‘Selwyn’ series before this.

The Selwyn series is written specifically for the Terrier.  Each story is a self-contained episode in the life of an early-retired Council Property Manager from 2003 to the present day and beyond as he continues to maintain occasional contact with his former colleagues from the fictional Herdwick District Council.  The characters often present controversial and outspoken opinions on local and central government policy and practice. Please accept that those stories, all names, characters and incidents portrayed are fictitious and are views expressed by the author, not those of ACES. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. Also, occasional historical background details may have been changed to fit the chronology. Enjoyment of these stories will be enhanced if they are read in order from the beginning.  The first ones are available by clicking on these links – ‘The Final Vote’,  ‘Lost Sheep’ , ‘Weapon of Choice’and ‘The Fee Generation Game’.


Faster than a man can run (…) 

will be published here after the winter ‘Terrier’ is published.




©David Lewis Pogson 2018

Further stories in the ‘Selwyn’ series will appear following publication in the Terrier.