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See my book on The Ulverston Bank Clock – a focus for controversy” .

You can read a free sample if you follow the above link and then click on ‘Look inside’ just above the book cover image. Currently available on Amazon Kindle or Kindle Unlimited. 5-star rated.


The clock turret above the Lloyds TSB Bank has looked down upon Ulverston since 1845. From its very beginning there were differences concerning its construction between the Bank and the renowned Architect George Webster. From then onwards, at roughly fifty-year intervals, the Clock has been at the centre of public controversy. On two occasions its very existence has been threatened. The story traces the history of this controversial structure from the completion of its construction, through the 1901 transfer of the maintenance liability to the Council, the fire of 1924 and the major battle over repairs in the 1950s, up to the great silencing dispute and the invasion of the pigeons in modern times, with other minor skirmishes in between. In all that time the original clock mechanism has ticked away relentlessly whilst the residents of Ulverston have remained blissfully unaware that in their midst may well be a device so unique as to be the only one of its kind in the world, with connections to the man described as one of the greatest mechanical inventors of the nineteenth century.

The work includes 24 appendices containing photographs and previously unpublished extracts from original documents.

‘The judges were very impressed…and considered it an interesting story, meticulously compiled, very well presented and documented, in an excellent style and with touches of dry humour. A well-deserved winner.’ – Cumbria Local History Federation.

There have been further events in the history of the clock since this book was published. Details of those events can be seen at the Clock’s Facebook page or are easily obtainable from local newspaper publications now available on line. Examples are as follows:

Fathers for Justice scale the clock

Electrical problems stop the clock 

200th anniversary of TSB

The Clock hits a sour note

All original print copies were sold out.  Occasionally copies appear for re-sale on Amazon but these are few and far between and tend to be a lot more expensive than the Kindle version.

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