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There’s a running debate in the world of poetry about what is a true poem.  Some poets like poems that rhyme.  Others prefer free verse (i.e. not rhyming).  I’m a … ‘rhyma’ (apologies for that rhyme). I don’t really ‘get’ this free verse stuff.  Maybe that says more about my failings as a poet than about those who write free verse. However, having been brought up on the works of Browning (‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’), Tennyson (‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’) and Sir Walter Scott (‘Lochinvar’) I tend to sympathise with a 1996 quote in the Independent Newspaper expressing the view of Auberon Waugh, editor of the Literary Review, which runs a monthly competition for poetry that rhymes. He said: “I’m unmovably opposed to the Poetry Society, which sucks up nearly all the money going to poetry and encourages a coterie of twerps to write prose and chop it up and call it poetry.

After all, the nation’s favourite poems, Wordsworth’s ‘I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud’ and Kipling’s ‘If’,  have rhymes.

My feelings are summed up in my poem below:


Rhyme or Not?

The ‘Poetry Times’

Won’t publish my lines.

The Editor’s a bit of a meanie.

She says it’s a crime

To end each line with a rhyme.

For that she’d reject Seamus Heaney (or should that be William Wordsworth in free verse?)


So, if you read my poems expect to find rhymes, whether they are good, bad or indifferent ones.