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Short story ‘Community Pick’ winner of the Microcosms Flash Fiction competition –Microcosms 163 – on 01/03/2019.  The rules required a story in no more than 300 words in response to the following prompts.

Character – Hit Man/ Location – Rock Concert/ Genre – Crime

The story had to be written and submitted within a one day deadline. ‘The Music Lover’ was the winner of the Community Pick (international combined public and writing community votes).


The Music Lover

I don’t normally work for free but this is personal.  Usually my hits deserve their fate … criminals, corrupt politicians … but they don’t cause me any harm.  So if they need eliminating then the client has to pay.  However, for this latest one, I’m the client.

I’ll approach it in the usual way.  Planning, preparation, professionalism and performance all have to combine for a successful hit.  Getting into the stadium for the concert is a breeze. Security is focused on crowd control and drug abuse. They aren’t expecting a professional.  I’ve lifted a security pass from a roadie’s jacket in one of the local bars.  On the night I’ll dress like one of the crew, hide my weapon in a tool bag and settle onto a lighting gantry in the top of the stadium with a clear line of fire to the stage.

I detest rap.  The lyrics aren’t even good poetry; the rhymes are strained.  Rappers mangle the language with reinterpreted words (since when did ‘wicked’ become ‘brilliant’?)  But worst of all, their tunes are just endless repetitive chanting or no tune at all.

My young daughters sing his stuff all the time.  It really bugs me.  He’s a bad influence singing about gangsters; killing, dealing drugs, denigrating women. He’s not even a real badass. The first thing he’d spent his royalties on was a big house outside his neighbourhood to escape the stuff that he glorified.

Using a silencer I’ll drop him with one shot in the middle of his big number.  Everyone will focus on his collapse. As they try to work out what’s happening I’ll slip away.

This is a hit for posterity. The pity is that no-one can ever know.  But if they did I’d probably be given an award for services to music.


©David Lewis Pogson 2019