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Published in ‘World of War’ anthology by Forward Poetry – ISBN 1844187249 – in July 2017.

Unexpected Heroes

The bells are tolling

Black horses walk with black plumes at their head,

Life still goes on as normal,

It’s just another hero dead.


People stand watching

The guard of honour on rose petals tread,

But does it really matter?

It’s just another hero dead.


But there’s something not right,

About the way we soon forget,

And return to work

With little feeling of regret.

This hero gave his all,

For others to be saved,

We should be feeling more,

At the sacrifice he made.


Black cars are passing,

Wootten Basset stops, with silent tears shed,

And shames us by example

On behalf of every hero dead.


©DavidLewisPogson 2017