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@VSS365 is on Twitter. VSS means Very Short Story. 365 represents every day of the year.

Every day a new prompt word is tweeted.  You have to tweet a story, poem or acrostic of no more than 280 characters based upon that day’s prompt word. Stories etc must be short enough to fit in a single tweet but big enough to make you laugh or cry or scream. Other than that there do not seem to be any rules.  So, I like to combine my very short stories with an acrostic.

Include #vss365 and #(whatever the prompt word is that day) with your tweet. No prizes – just for fun but it gets your mind working.  Try it on days when you feel like it, just when you want to.  Starting on 17 October 2018 my aim is to create 365 consecutive tweets.

My 1 June 2019 vss365 entry for ‘Ancient’ was selected for publication in the 2019 VSS 365 Anthology, published on 23 September 2019.

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