Published in ‘Love: Beyond the Image’ anthology by Poetry Now/Forward Press –ISBN 1844608530 – in November 2004.


Now that I’m older and content to reflect,

On the way that my life’s turned about,

There’s so much to regret,

And much more to forget,

But nothing I’d wish to leave out.


But now I can say this with full confidence,

On the way that my life’s turned about.

Sure in naming my wife,

As the love of my life,

Her love I could not live without.


But I was nearly lost before I met her,

There were times when my life was askew.

For I was confused,

And my health I abused,

But her love helped me to pull through.


But don’t think since then it’s all been plain sailing,

The way that my life has progressed.

For we’ve had our fights,

And the odd sleepless nights,

I’ve sorely put love to the test.


But now that I’m older and choose to reflect,

On the way that my life has turned out,

I thank the God above,

That she gave me her love,

For giving’s what love’s all about.


©DavidLewisPogson 2004